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Maddie Rae

Vintage Fashion  •  Designer  •  Artist  •  Creator

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Maddie Rae Vintage

Find Maddie Rae Vintage at various pop-ups around Denver, in-person every day at Show Pony Vintage downtown, or shop online at the link below.

Follow @maddiesalerno on Instagram for upcoming pop-up events.

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Check Out My Work

My Life

Let's Make Some Waves

Here to bring big ideas to life, think outside the box and create a space where people feel welcome, inspired, and energized.


Equally as important to an in-person event or space, the online realm is somewhere I strive to create the same sense of community.

Interested in custom designs? I'm currently working on custom denim jackets, sweatshirts, skirts and quilt jackets.

Let's roll and spark some joy.

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