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The Good Stuff

I am always striving to challenge myself and I look forward to all of my upcoming projects, big or small, I hope they make a difference in someone's life. I love risk-taking. Have an idea you don't see below? Run it by me, I'd love to show you why I'm the gal for the job.

Good Stuff
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8 Home Alone Menu.png

One of my favorite projects is this menu wall at The Conductor Club Cocktail Bar in Kansas City, Missouri. Being on the marketing team for the Conductor Club has provided endless opportunities to express my creativity, take the lead on interior design and learn how to draw people to the bar primarily through organic social media marketing.

Instagram: @ConductorClubKC

Check out the articles The Conductor Club has been featured in below:

Chalkboard Menu Wall

Graphic Design

The bulk of my work is graphic design. I have experience with logos, email marketing, icon creation, billboards, menu design, and more!

Digital Portraits & Doodles

During the start of the 2020 pandemic, I decided to spend some of my free time getting back to what I called "doodles on my iPad". The tools used for all of these pieces are an iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, Adobe Draw app, and for portraits, a digital photo to work from. All of the wine doodles around the bottle are free-handed.

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